1. Eric Sellers, Young Investor Award

2. Peter Uhlhaas, Young Investor Award

3. Prof.Dr.Norman C. Moore Presidential Service Award

4. Prof.Dr.Nash Boutrous, Career contribution award


1. Prof.Dr.Dietrich Lehmenn, Career contribution award

2. Prof.Dr.Ivan Bodis-Wollner, Roy John Award,

3. Cagri Poyraz, Young Investigator Award

4. Naoya Oribe, Yaoung Investigator Award.

5. Eric Seller, Presidential Service Award


1. Silvana Galderisi, Career contribution award

2. Salvatore Campanella, Roy John Award

3. Prof.Dr.Nevzat Tarhan, Presidential Award

4. Young Investigator Awards:

i. Derek Fisher

ii. Gokben Hizli Sayar


  1. Erol Başar, Career contribution award
  2. Dean Salisbury, Roy John Award
  3. Kemal Arıkan, Presidential Service Award
  4. Young Investigator Award
    1. Keiichiro Nishida
    2. André Schmidt

Career contribution awardOliver Pogarell, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Faculty, Ludwig-Maximilians-

University of Munich.

2018 Roy John Award: Dezhong Yao, Ph.D., Professor, Director of Center for information in medicine at University of

Electronic Science and Technology of China

2018 Young Investigator Awards: 

Barış Metin, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurology at the Uskudar University,


Brian Coffman, PhD, post-doctoral associate at the Clinical Neurophysiology Research
Laboratory in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Pittsburgh School of

Presidential Service Award: Derek Fisher, MSc, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University

Congratulations to the ECNS 2018 Award Winners! Please click on the link to view the winners for the Turan İtil career contribution award, Roy John Award, Young Investigator Award, and Presidential Service Award.