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Congratulatory Letter to President-Elect of the European Psychiatric Association

Letter From The Incoming President

January 4, 2017

Dear ECNS Members, Distinguished Colleagues,

It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to serve as ECNS President

In the past ten years, I had contributed to the ECNS as an active member, proudly serving as Chair of the Publication & Website committee, Secretary and President Elect. I was motivated to join the Society and to serve it by my involvement in electrophysiology and brain imaging research in Psychiatry.

ECNS has a strong focus on the application of electrophysiology and neuroimaging methods in the fields of Neuroscience, Clinical Neurology and Psychiatry. Promoting the collaboration with other Societies, such as the International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP) and the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET), ECNS became an important reference point for all the clinician and scientists interested in applied neurophysiology.

In line with all my predecessors, during my Presidency, I will continue and expand our collaboration with other Societies, the dissemination of research findings, through our journal Electroencephalography and Clinical Neuroscience, and constant stimulation of the active contribution of all members, particularly of our junior members, in the Society life.  

I will also try to stimulate the development of position papers on hot topics within the Society fields of interest. In particular, I would like to promote position papers from ECNS on the clinical utility of electrophysiological and brain imaging findings, and on therapeutic use of neurofeedback and brain stimulation techniques.

I look forward to being engaged in these pursuits with passion and dedication and to working with you all for ECNS.

Armida Mucci, MD, PhD

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